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Originally Posted by Big J View Post
I only buy Nintendo video game stuff... no Playstation 1, 2, or 3, no Xbox or Xbox 360, no Sega stuff, only 100% pure Nintendo! I've never even tried a PSP, and besides it is a rip-off. They simply port old games to the new system, and say "Now you can buy them all again!". The DS however has brand new games never seen on other systems, which makes the DS so worth it. Mario Kart DS is awesome, I played somebody else's game card, decided to buy it online, and I'm still waiting for it to show up at my door. It's going to rock!

P.S: There was no Mario Kart on the NES...
How can you say that? At least half of the games on the DS are sequels or ports!Oh, and Burnout Legends is like how Mario Kart DS is, tracks from all other games.

I got an Xbox 360!!!
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