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G_master 08-07-2006 12:19 PM

Gamecube won't read discs? Come here!
Hey everyone, i decided to make this post about fixing your cube without sending it to a repair guy or anything because i had this problem for almost 8 months. After this operation, my cube still worked intermittently for about 2 weeks, but then it started working perfectly.

Just know that i am not responsible if you decide to use this method and something in your gamecube breaks or no longer works all together.

YOU are making the choice to do this or not to, therefore, YOU are responsible for what happens.
Not me.

Ok, so the problem is the gamecube doesn't recognize the disc right?
You put in your SSBM or whatever game you want to play and your cube says
"insert disc" or whatever... It says, check the gamecube manual or whatever?
Clean your disc or something? You've made sure the disc is clean?

If you want to fix this, 98% of gamecubes will work after this procedure.
However, if you are in the unlucky 2% that remains, your cube could already be floating on a little cloud in the skies, unable to be repaired whatsoever.

Now, remember, that i am not responsible if this procedure voids any warranties or destroys your cube, you are.

Remember to take out all controllers, power cables a\v cables and any other
devices out of the console and make sure that it is set to the "off" position.

Ok, first, you need to get the shell off of your cube.
Flip your cube upside down carefully. Next, you will see four holes in each corner. Now you are going to have to get your gamebit screwdriver out from your tool box. (Don't have a gamebit, and don't want to buy one? Check out the first post on Page 3 of this topic entitled "Making a Gamebit")

Now then, take out each of those screws. don't lose them now!
Carefully flip the cube upside right again, and take off the shell.
You are now in the inards of your console. You will see the laser and disc reading the left, you will see the fan, carefully unscrew the two main screws connecting it to the metal base.
Move the fan out of the way, but be carefull not to cut the wires.
Detach the front panel that your mem. cards and controllers go into, then detach the one in the back that the power and a\v cables go into. You will see two little spring-y things near where the memory card slots are that are connected to the circuit board, take them out for now.

Allright, next take each little screw out of the part that connects the disc reader from the base.
Carefully pull the disc reading device out. It's sort connected to the base like a cartridge at one corner, be carefull.

Now, you should have the device in you hand. Insert a disc into it so the laser wont get scratched then turn it upside down.

On it's underside, Look for a little black box with a screw on it.
This is the laser's potentionmeter and the route to your cube's perfect health again.

Carefully take your screwdriver and turn that little screw COUNTER clock-wise
just a few degrees. Not too much, or the laser could get so strong it could burn your discs or even damage itself. when you're done, put the laser device back into the cube and make sure it sort of "clicks" into place. You may need to move the fan around to do this. Now, remember those little spring like things near the memory card slots? Put those back into position.

Now the test run, hook up your power cables and a\v cables and a controller.
Put a disc into it's appropriate place. As you are about to turn your machine on, notice the two little lever like things at the top left corner of your console.

Hold them down (away from you)
and turn on the power.
If your cube turns on and the laser can be seen through the disc, it's working for now.

Load your game and start playing it until you can move your character around or whatever.
If it stops reading the disc and says Disc could not be read, Do another test.
(The first time, the gamecube had to recalibrate the potensionmeter's new setting.)

Your game cube should now work, Put all the screws back in and reasseamble the console if you want but it might still have a problem. I left all the screws out of mine when i did this in case i need to get back into my cube.

If your cube still said "insert disc" after doing all this and after knowing there is a disc in it, go back to the potensionmeter, and move the screw slightly more counter clock wise. Test twice and go back to the potensionmeter if necessary.

When you load the game after turning the power "on" and don't hear a little screeching sound (it means it's booting the game) it means you turned the potensionmeter too much.
Recalibrate it but this time, move the screw on the potensionmeter
CLOCK-wise. Test it twice, and repeat procedure if necessary.

That's it. This should help you get your cube working again, or at least recognize the discs again.

Feel free to post comments or questions, i'll be happy to help.

Lil J 08-12-2006 01:39 PM

man i should of done this 3 years ago when i gc went like this...ooh well

G_master 08-12-2006 04:27 PM

I beleive this is the same technique that the guys at nintendo use to fix em.
Unfortuneatley just recently, my gamecube stopped again.........not the best technique, it's the only way to do fix a dead laser unless you want to get a new cube.

zeeenza 08-17-2006 02:21 PM


SSBB for the wii 08-20-2006 09:09 PM

i saw this one guy on a site that fixes that stuff real cheap but i can't remember where oh i know he was selling on ebay, i guess u could say that he was selling himself, he would sell, for him to fix it, he would fix ps2 xbox u name it!! it might be hard to find him, but try looking on ebay for him...

G_master 08-20-2006 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by zeeenza (Post 9995)
Umm...I'm not exactly a hardware tech so I don't want to risk doing this.

But my GameCube started out just like that about a year ago. Back then, I got it to read the disks eventually by taking the disk out and putting it back in a few times. The problem seems to have progressed since that time. Now it'll run the following error:

"An error has occurred. Turn the Power Off and check the Nintendo GameCube Instruction Booklet for further instructions."

The instruction manual told me to go to their website which told me this means it's an internal problem. So now they want $50 plus shipping for me to send it in to be repaired. Now I can play my GameCube for about 20 minutes a day. After that 20 minutes, if I try again, it'll run the error in about 30 seconds prior to startup. Right before it runs the error, the sound starts repeating itself for about 5 seconds until the error shows up.

So I've just been waiting for the Wii since it has GameCube playback. If anyone has a solution to this problem though, please let me know. I suppose I could rip it apart, if necessary, since I have nothing much to lose except 20 minutes a day.

I'm not making you use this method, but i had your exact problem, same error, only 20 mins a day.....etc.

Since you really have nothing to lose, you should use this method, it can make that 20 min/ day rise to at least 1 hour/day. then if it still doesn't work, get a wii.

Wii23 08-20-2006 10:24 PM

my Gamecube still works good. I hope it stays in good condition.

SSBB for the wii 08-21-2006 08:30 PM

i love the wii!!!!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!?!?!?!???????

X_WATER 08-21-2006 10:25 PM

man i just want to thank you. i tries tampering around with it for a couple days and now it reads discs perfectly. i would donate money to you if i was old enough and had a paypal, i hope my thanks is appreacited tho

SSBB for the wii 08-22-2006 01:19 PM

it probably is..
and "g master" my dad ordered a "gamebit" last night from ebay.. i hope this works for me.. and i hope i'm not MILK... get it, MILK, 2%.. lol..
i know it's not very funny but who cares

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