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welcome this is the Absolute Domination Utopia (ADU) I have Recreated this clan in to be a place where gamers of all the nations (ds,wii,ps3,ect.) can meet throw down and somewhere along the line become brothers in arms. -Name level title Nation- DarNell exp(140/1000) lvl 0 *Dark leader* WiiStationX HyperSon64 exp(520/1000) lvl 0 *Blue Blur* Wii
43 1 3,453 14
09:20 PM
A place for fans of Call of Duty: Black ops. We can discuss the game up until the release and then have fun teaming up online together. Possibility of facing off against other clans later on down the road.
5 1 55 2
05:47 PM
Have you found yourself skipping classes to squeeze in time for one more battleground? Do you refer to fistfights as PvP IRL? Do you feel that the phrase "raids before grades" describes you? Are you a hopeless giant fat virgin nerd? The first step is admitting you have a problem. We are WoW Addicts Anonymous (WAA). We're here to help you.
2 1 1 0
06:25 PM
This is a group where you can share facts and comments about star wars.
9 1 52 0
06:26 PM
This is the official social group of TLoW. Rockin Wiispace since August '08
37 1 124 1
08:46 PM
A group for Monster Hunter Tri, a place to discuss strategies, armor, weapons, and the monsters that are hunted as well as general discussion about Monster Hunter Tri. A place for groups to be formed to play online as well as to seek help when stuck with that certain hard-to-kill monster. No bashing allowed, stick to the forum rules, and have remember to have fun. In the game, we will be going by the name Crimson Hunters to set ourselves apart from other hunters.
8 1 687 0
01:18 PM
ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you wish to share. strategies, helpful hints, tag and clans and also make new/more friends :)
34 1 62 7
06:35 AM
welcome to the hyrule kingdom here u can discuss all zelda games and upcoming ideas for new games and news for any new games
6 1 7 0
08:42 AM
for all who love wiispaces verry own agravain3 join, and discuss me XD hey guys its agravain3, i suck at life so if you would, please direct all love to koopa_kid...thanks
16 1 116 1
01:31 AM
One of the sexiest things is a hot chick who loves video games. This group is for the fine honeys who love picking up a controller and hearing that satisfying tone when an achievement is unlocked, swinging a wii remote around or giving your fingers a work out online. If you a female gamer then join us and connect with other female gamers from all over the world. Tell us what you play, and give us a review on it maybe we'll play it....Enjoy.
13 1 12 0
12:26 AM
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