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Old 12-30-2008, 04:16 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Welcome to Wiispace.com!

Hi there and welcome to our forum! Wiispace.com is a great place to meet new people and talk about your favorite games. We also have a bunch of subforums that aren't necessarily about gaming, so if you need a break from gamer talk, make sure check those out too.

Do you have friendscodes you'd like to share? Well then, we have a few places you can do that!

You can place them right into your profile!

or you can post them in one of these forums:

Wii Friend Codes and DS Friend Code Exchange

Every member account comes with a blog! So please feel free to start posting! You can also leave visitor messages on other Wiispacer's profiles, so make sure you check the "Your Notifications" link under your name (to the right of the google search box) when you log on to see if someone has posted a VM (visitor message) for you.

If you really really find yourself loving Wiispace (and how could you not?), you may want to consider becoming a lifetime VIP member. For $20 you get lots of good stuff:

• Customizable User Title
• Customizable Profile Page
• A very large PM Box
• Access to our Arcade
• Access to the Chatbox
• Access to the VIP forum
• A freebie name change (once only please!)
• A badge under your user name that announces to the world that you are a VIP member AND your name appearing in gold!

Also, like any self-respecting forum, we have rules. Sometimes rules are a hassle, but in the long run they really do help make the forum a great place for everyone.

We use the infraction system here, which means, if you do something that you shouldn't you'll get an infraction. Different infractions are worth different amounts of points. If you get 10 points worth of infractions, you are most likely going to earn yourself a vacation from Wiispace. 10 accumulated points will get you a 7 day ban. So please, read through the infraction list below, and familiarize yourself with them.

Off topic post/Thread Derailment..................1 pt If a wiispacer comes into a thread made about the wingspeed of african and european swallows and declares their love of popsicles, that is an off-topic post.

Bumping old threads..................................1 pt (for now let's call an old thread anything that has not had a content oriented post in it for 90 days)

Inappropriate Language..............................2 ptsThe censors should catch most of this but sometimes people get crafty and bypass those, this infraction is just for them

Insulting Other Members/E-stalking...............5 ptsThere is a thin line to tread here. People can argue and disagree within a thread and still keep it civil. Not everyone is always going to like everyone else, if they did this world would be boring. HOWEVER, blatant flaming, insulting, e-stalking behavior should not be tolerated. If you are having trouble distinguishing the two please either PM me or post in this subforum to get the input of your fellow mods and smods)

Signature rule violation.................................1 pt

Inappropriate Images (overly suggestive
or racey)............................................ ...........3 pts (no naughty bits of Jessica Alba allowed)

Mod sass / Harassing a mod........................5 pts (We think it should be pointed out that if someone disagrees with a mod's opinion that it doesn't count as harassment and abuse of this infraction will not be tolerated; DO NOT BAN SOMEONE FOR MOD SASS. 5 pts is enough of a warning.)

Sitepimping/Advertisements (real member)...........3 pts If someone says, hey I just bought this thingamabob, here's a link, that is not sitepimping. If someone says, hey I just started my own forum, here's a link, that is sitepimping

Sitepimping/Advertisements (first post)..............10 pts PERMABAN When someone sitepimps in their first post they are doing it because they don't want to be a part of your community, they just want to get in and get out and hope that people will click their link. We hate these people and they deserve the permaban.

Spammed Advertisements......................10 pts PERMABAN WOWGOLD!!! is a perfect example of this. Yech.

XXX Inappropriate Images XXX
...........................10 pts PERMABAN (sometimes when members hotlink from a site that doesn't allow it one of these images will show up as a "punishment" instead of the original picture they wanted to hotlink, so in this case I'd give out the other Inappropriate Image infraction ... see below)

Holier Than Thou...........10 pts Instant 24 hour Ban Oh look! Another new infraction! So yeah, religious debates are fine on other forums, but here on wiispace they always seem to end in some sort of flame war with people getting pissed or upset at one another. We don't like this. So starting today (12/30/08), if you make a thread or a post that is religion-based, we're going to have to part ways for a day. Sorry, debates like these just always end ugly.

Hyper Posting/Thread Spamming...........10 pt Instant 48 hour Ban This infraction is aimed at members who are just way too spammy. Since seasoned members already know that this is not tolerated, it is aimed mostly at new members. Mods have been told this: If you do see someone who is new to the forum and isn't understanding that this site isn't a prepubescent free-for-all-chat-spam-post-emporium then they most likely are a candidate for this new infraction. Please do not use this lightly. If someone posts 3 or 4 times, make sure they get a warning, whether it be via a yellow card or a PM, VM or a post in their thread.

If you have any questions about the site feel free to ask around!


thanks sackboy =)

RosalinaRacerX! It's not lupus.

You can't take the sky from me.
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