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Old 08-02-2009, 04:51 AM   #1 (permalink)
"The Princess Lover"
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Wiiware| Texas Hold Em'

Well this is My VERY First Wiiview so i'll Try my best.

In the game Of Texas hold em Tournament You play as your mii, Playing Texas hold em. Sounds Fun right? Eh A lil.

This is a game for Texas hold em Players and begginers alike, It Has a tutorial that will teach you the basic's of the game.

Best of All! It has WI-FI! Play against other Players around the world and Proove who's the Best card Player 'round.

Graphics|6| The miis Look Weird But Are Finely done, Still No hands...

Variety|5| Offline There are mii's that you will see over and over and OVER Again.

Gameplay|8| Lovely, Wii Gameplay is such a good advancement to the game, the only concern i have is the occasional Slip to The Fold Button. :/

Sound|7|REALISTIC Casino Sounds I Swear I thought i was in a casino. But its a bit of a rushed loop of those sounds, You'd say...I Just heard 2 jackpots from a slot machine in 10 Minutes....LOL.

Overall|7| The game is A GREAT Buy To those whom love to play cards with CPU's or even other's And Gives a couple of laughs if you feel lucky.

Personally I like this game. If i need to calm down or if i just feel pretty dern Lucky I Whip up The SD card menu and Click Texas hold em' tournament.

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texas hold em wiiware wii

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