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Conversation Between ^_^ and Aqua
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  1. Aqua
    07-04-2009 04:31 PM - permalink
    Yay for internet access. =P
  2. ^_^
    07-02-2009 10:33 PM - permalink
  3. Aqua
    07-02-2009 10:09 PM - permalink
    Oh well I hope the internship turns out great. Maybe you might get free internet access somewhere. =P
  4. ^_^
    07-02-2009 03:34 PM - permalink
    Well hey there, Aqua. I tried getting on Meebo a few times, but we were never on at the same time it seemed.

    About my return to Wiispace: http://www.wiispace.com/wii-forum/bl...in-cheesy.html

    ^^I'm actually leaving for my internship in San Francisco tomorrow, and I'll be gone until early August, as the information in the above blog reflects. So depending on how much internet access I'll have there, I may or not be around here for a while. Again >_>
  5. Aqua
    07-02-2009 12:21 PM - permalink
    Hey Eric. Long time no see. =P
    What brings you back to this forum?
  6. ^_^
    03-27-2009 08:41 PM - permalink
    *blushin' and fake tearin' and such*
  7. Aqua
    03-26-2009 12:28 AM - permalink
    My best friend ever on WiiSpace.
    There is time for evryone to leave and obviously now is your time.
    It is truely sad to see you go, but you must always remember us, especially me.
    And like your rep thingy says, Eric is just really nice. Great friend, amazing brawler, perfect person.
  8. Aqua
    03-17-2009 03:09 PM - permalink
    wtf is that avi?
    I'm so scared O_________________________________________________ ____O
  9. ^_^
    03-11-2009 08:08 PM - permalink
    No big deal on your temp. outing of Omega Force. I get it; taking care of things irl > Wiispace.
    Glad you're back on Wiispace though ^_^
  10. Aqua
    03-11-2009 05:58 PM - permalink
    wooT! Goo mudkipz!
    I have some good news and some bad.
    Good news is that I'm back! Bad news is in the TDC social group.

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