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Conversation Between Itachi and Wii user
Showing Visitor Messages 91 to 100 of 534
  1. Wii user
    09-13-2008 07:25 PM
    Wii user
    Yeah ur dad sorta does the same
  2. Itachi
    09-13-2008 07:25 PM
  3. Wii user
    09-13-2008 07:23 PM
    Wii user
    My mom freaking keeps procrastinating i want to go to game stop shes all like uhhhh lets go ok mom its later lets go noooooo lets tommarrow.
  4. Itachi
    09-13-2008 07:22 PM
    KAKUZA saved 2 dallors on toilet paper
  5. Itachi
    09-13-2008 07:20 PM
    no rub in about that
  6. Wii user
    09-13-2008 07:19 PM
    Wii user
    Wanna Brawl oh wait wheres ur wi-fi?
  7. Itachi
    09-13-2008 07:17 PM
    so now what
  8. Wii user
    09-13-2008 07:16 PM
    Wii user
    Acually i was kidding
  9. Wii user
    09-13-2008 07:15 PM
    Wii user
    Pretty cool huh?
  10. Itachi
    09-13-2008 07:15 PM
    you tried to get me i see

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