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Weird and random stuff
The impatient customers demand coffee from Brewster :-O
Me, Mr. Oflam, Kyle (Samus) and Danel start a mosh pit in front of K.K. Slider!!! :-D
Mr. Oflam, Me, Kyle and I forgot the other guys name dine at the cafe.
Steven catches a really really really really really really really GINORMOUS fish! "WooHoo!"
Mwa ha ha ha haa!! I am soooo EVIL!
Me, Mr. Oflam and Kyle kidnap all the animals walking about and traps them!! :-D
Mr. Strawberry guy devises an evil plan for Mr. Oflam and booby traps him with pitfall seeds!
Ha ha haa! :-D
"Aaaaah!! That hurts...!"
Ha haa!! I've finally caught that wild ape that's been causing havoc.
Oooh! Pretty...
Hopper is going on about spider pigs. Do they even exist?
Im rich! Yipee.
Whoa!! Is this Animal Crossing heaven?

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