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Conversation Between SuperQ and ghost writer
Showing Visitor Messages 1 to 10 of 179
  1. SuperQ
    05-18-2010 08:50 PM - permalink
    Sure, I'll go for it.
  2. ghost writer
    05-18-2010 05:09 PM - permalink
    ghost writer
    Hey man, I got a promo code to download an iPod Touch game for free, wanted to know if you want to review it or not.
  3. SuperQ
    03-03-2010 04:54 PM - permalink
    Well, I actually haven't noticed that disappearing... Just the lack of new comics. But ok.
  4. ghost writer
    03-03-2010 04:53 PM - permalink
    ghost writer
    nvm, I see it wasn't deleted...
  5. ghost writer
    03-03-2010 04:52 PM - permalink
    ghost writer
    I don't know who or why the Archive thread was deleted...I'll make a fuss about it shortly.
  6. SuperQ
    03-03-2010 04:22 PM - permalink
    Oh, alright; it just sort of disappeared, so I was curious. Thanks.
  7. ghost writer
    03-03-2010 09:49 AM - permalink
    ghost writer
    Siegenthaler has been real busy the past couple of weeks...I believe he moved cross country. And I've had some personal issues to deal with...so the culmination of both those events have put Click & Tap on the side burner right now.

    It'll be back though, eventually when things calm down.
  8. SuperQ
    12-12-2009 11:14 AM - permalink
    Alright, cool. Thanks.
  9. ghost writer
    12-12-2009 08:48 AM - permalink
    ghost writer
    If you've got a bunch of friends with Left 4 Dead 2 then I'd suggest getting that first but Borderlands is an all around better game...

    Personally I'd get Borderlands first but Left 4 Dead 2 is the better multiplayer experience.
  10. SuperQ
    12-11-2009 06:09 PM - permalink
    Hey, just wondering... Which should I get first? Borderlands or Left 4 Dead 2?

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