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Waterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond reputeWaterworld has a reputation beyond repute
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  1. Waterworld
    01-17-2013 04:07 PM - permalink
    Its been a long time since I have been here...If any of my old friends are still active, and you have a Wii U, let me know and I will add you. Its Call of Duty time
  2. Airbender
    06-23-2011 06:42 PM - permalink
    I couldn't resist , I preordered Resident Evil: Mercenaries today. I ended up trading in a few games, Dead Or Alive (was fun, but got dull), Ridge Racer (figured Mario Kart would replace it) and Conduit 2 (ended up boring too). Gave me enough after a deal to preorder it and pay it off. So, come release day of Resident Evil Mercenaries, I'll be right there with you in killing a mass amount of zombies lol.
  3. Airbender
    06-23-2011 10:48 AM - permalink
    My only rental place is Gamefly, and it's already on my GameQ. Unfortunately other games are before it so it may be some time (I'm not the only one who uses it, another family member does too) before I can get it. I hope it's really good, I would love to have a good online game. So, thank you for letting me know ^_^.
  4. Airbender
    06-22-2011 06:38 PM - permalink
    Lol, I'll be sure to , I know that feeling where it sounds better in your head then on paper (or the web).

    I wish I had Epona as a little kid, it would make trekking Hyrule field less painful >_<.

    Next week Resident Evil: Mercenaries is coming out, excited? Me, I still can't make up my mind about it. I'm going to try it out through renting, perhaps we can play some co-op to help me make up my mind, it seriously looks like a lot of fun with another person rather than alone. I might also try not to get it at full price, what with Mario Kart and Super Mario coming out at the end of the year, along with Skyward Sword (gonna hurt around December >_<).
  5. Airbender
    06-22-2011 02:34 PM - permalink
    Sometime I will, first I need to know where everything is lol. I found two more heart pieces, but I have no idea how to get to them, one is by the Zora waterfall (the ledge where you perform Zelda's Lullaby?), I figured I would need to bring a cucco from the child stage from the beginning of the area to that spot, but I wanted to get some input first. I tried to jump as an adult but alas it still eludes me lol.

    Another one is in the Volcanic crater (two actually but one I think I should be able to get on my own), I can't quite see it, but it seems to be in the center, on a mini volcano and I have no idea how to get to it, it seems all routes are cut off. The other one is on a ledge that it seems that Link can climb on so I think I can get to that one, but the mini volcano that's another story.

    Thanks again for the tips and help , I do appreciate it, and I'll have to look for the thieves hideout.
  6. Airbender
    06-21-2011 10:21 PM - permalink
    Cool thanks ^_^, I think I got the one with the chicken lady, will have to go back and see. Where's the thieve's hideout? Is it that dude in Kariko village whose thinking about stealing?

    Lol, I'm ashamed to say that I had to use a guide for some, otherwise I would have never have figured them out . Like there's this one with a dog lady who wants you to find her dog, I never would have guessed... but then again some obvious things do fly by my head lol .
  7. Airbender
    06-21-2011 05:26 PM - permalink
    Lol, I'm now in the Forest Temple and I've only gotten 2 heart pieces. I think I've collected all the gold skulls that I could get so far, but how on earth did you collect so many heart pieces O_o. I've run into some, but I can't figure out how to get to them. Hopefully I'll be able to turn back into a kid (got an extra save just in case) so I can go back to collect stuff. I sold all the masks to get the mask of truth and got to the three great fairies so I'm getting there.

    Once I beat the forest temple I'll start trying to collect upgrades and heart pieces, now that I've got the hookshot (with a laser pointer lol).
  8. Airbender
    06-20-2011 04:51 PM - permalink
    Hopefully you'll get it. I don't know what happened to cause the glitch, too many people ordering it perhaps?

    I finally got past the child stage and am now an adult, riding around on Epona is pretty cool. I've gotta try to get the extras now, hopefully there are no permanent missables.
  9. Airbender
    06-19-2011 11:14 PM - permalink
    Update: Supposedly there's a problem with Club Nintendo, you may have to call them to get the Soundtrack shipped.
  10. Airbender
    06-19-2011 10:25 PM - permalink
    Lol, well, they don't say that you are amazing first of all. Second, when I entered the code, it said something along the lines of Congratulations, you qualify for the Legend of Zelda Soundtrack (or something like that, it was pretty obvious). Then it said to basically click on No thanks or I accept (guess which one I picked lol ^_^). Either way, it was pretty obvious as it was an "in-your-face" sort of thing that happened after I entered the code and finished the survey.

    Loving the game, even though I'm now stuck lol, I gotta see if I get unstuck as I'm in Zora's land, gotta get eaten by that big whale thing.

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