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Conversation Between wiithief and Drei
Showing Visitor Messages 1 to 10 of 18
  1. Drei
    12-30-2009 06:41 AM - permalink
    Thanks I'll try it out luckily I already have a photobucket account so I won't have to go through the perfect storm that is registering -_-
  2. wiithief
    12-29-2009 10:49 PM - permalink
  3. wiithief
    12-29-2009 10:48 PM - permalink
    well drei I had that same problem anyways wat i did was create a photobucket account and stored all my pics there so i can copy the image code and put it here getting it from ur cpu desktop/mydocuments dont work anymore for some reason :/
  4. Drei
    12-29-2009 04:45 PM - permalink
    Hey wiithief how do you put gifs in your sig?Cause when I try the website won't let me.
  5. wiithief
    07-20-2009 02:27 PM - permalink
    true true..
  6. Drei
    07-20-2009 02:19 PM - permalink
    yeah kinda but there was a bit of lag there
  7. wiithief
    07-20-2009 02:15 PM - permalink
    i was getting owned lol
  8. Drei
    07-20-2009 02:15 PM - permalink
    that was fun
  9. Drei
    07-20-2009 12:14 PM - permalink
    the person isn't replying back so lets brawl now.I'm using my Wii browser so give me like 5 mins
  10. wiithief
    07-20-2009 12:06 PM - permalink
    chat room/box for MySpace etc. go here wen u r ready to chat

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