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10 Xbox 360 exclusives coming in 2011

Xbox Live is a good enough reason to own an Xbox 360, but exclusive games definitely don't hurt - and Microsoft's got quite a few lined up for next year.

Now the last releases of 2010 are out, we're looking forward to what next year will bring, and have rounded up ten games that will definitely be exclusive to our favourite platform.

Admittedly, we don't know a lot about many of them - and in one case, nothing at all - but they're all confirmed exclusives and thus fine reasons to feel good about owning an Xbox 360 in 2011. Read on and find out what some of the year's most impassioned fanboy arguments will be based on.

And if you don't see anything you like, don't worry - there's still plenty of time for Microsoft to announce more at E3, or even an X11 event to follow X10 last year.

Gears of War 3

Obviously. The Xbox 360 is the home of Gears of War and the third entry to the series will no doubt be bigger, better and more badly in need of a decent script writer than Gears of War 2 was.

We'll finally be taking part in Marcus and Dom's latest exploits late next year, after it was delayed from its initial spring release. The game looked pretty damn impressive when we played it at E3 last year, so hopefully the extra time will give Epic the chance to bolt in something even more spectacular.

Codename D

One of the "Tokyo Game Show 5", a selection of Kinect titles revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2010 that are supposed to appeal to the hardcore. Codename D is probably not the game's final name and there are very few details at all about the game itself.

All we do know is that it's being developed by Suda 51 and his team at Grasshopper. Based on that alone we're eagerly awaiting more information.

Project Draco

Panzer Dragoon. Either that name leaves you scratching your head or starts off a chain reaction of fluffy, nostalgic thoughts and memories. Project Draco is being developed by the man behind Panzer Dragoon and his team at Grounding.

Again, details are very limited, but screenshots revealed in a recent issue of Famitsu show that there will definitelybe dragons. As if the name didn't already give it away.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armour

We're intrigued to see how Capcom can turn a game that's famous for it's ridiculously expensive, 40 button controller into one that uses a peripheral with no buttons whatsoever.

How will the game translate our movements into those of a complicated and precise walking-tank? We can't wait to find out, hopefully in 2011.

Halo 4

What do you mean Reach was the last Halo? You big silly, why would Microsoft set up a dedicated development team in the form of 343 Industries if there to be no more Halo games?

Nothing's been announced yet, but 343's been toiling away since Bungie went independent in 2007 so now doesn't seem a bad time for a reveal - although given that we've already got a Gears game for 2011, expecting Halo as well might be a bit much. Microsoft would have to be very confident about next year to release its two biggest shooters side by side.

Still, it could appear at E3 for a release in 2012. We're still wondering if it'll have anything to do with the old Peter Jackson project, Halo Chronicles.

Rise of Nightmares

Another one of the Tokyo Game Show 5 and another example of game details being very slim. All we know is it's a survival horror game from Sega using Kinect. Survival horror is one of the genres in which we expect to see some real innovation taking place with Kinect, so we're looking forward to finding out more.


A reboot of a much beloved PC series, Xcom is doing away with the strategic base building and turn based tactical combat and going full FPS. With BioShock 2 developers 2K Marin on the case, we're intrigued to see exactly how they go about modernising the franchise in 2011.


Much the same as Rise of the Nightmares, Haunt is another survival horror game for Kinect and is one of the Tokyo Game Show 5. This one has a big name attached, however; father of Parappa The Rapper (and, arguably, the entire music genre) Masaya Matsuura.

Codename: Kingdoms

Crytek is famous for its first person shooters which tend to feature incredible hyper-realistic graphics with a modern day super soldier as the protagonist. So it was weird when, at E3 2010, Microsoft revealed a new Crytek game onstage which looks nothing like any of their previous games.

Codename Kingdoms looks more like an action game set in either the distant past, or a fantasy world. It's hard to tell from the very anaemic teaser trailer, but no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about this game before its 2011 release.

Star Wars Kinect

Shown off at the E3 2010 Kinect unveiling, this unnamed Star Wars title looks to finally allow gamers to swing their own lightsabers and use the force. The game clearly wasn't being played live, but it showed the intended gameplay style. On the surface it appears to be a third person action game that's on rails.

We'll see whether it stands up to fan expectations (which are already pretty high) when it releases for Christmas in 2011.



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