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Blast To The Past Retro Console Review #2- Donkey Kong Country 2

Everyone who underestimated Diddy Kong was smacked in the face with one hundred bananas after this game dropped. Accompanied by his girlfriend Dixie, they must fight through the army of Kremling pirates to save Donkey Kong from his kidnapper, K. Rool. Not only did Diddy steal the thunder from his bigger pal Donkey, he also got some nods as one of the best platformers to ever hit the Super Nintendo. In other words, he outshined everyone's favorite plumber, Mario. Yes, instead of collecting power-ups, Diddy and Dixie must rely on their acrobatics and teamwork to venture through the lands of DKC2.

Starting from one of K. Rools vessels in the sea, you must climb your way up an eerie looking mountain that eventually leads to K. Rools castle. You'll jump your way around lava pools in a volcano, as well as ride every roller coster in a Kremling themed amusement park.

DKC2 is just a simple platformer, all in all. Jump here, bash a baddie there, get through obstacle after obstacle, etc. What sets it apart from other DKC games, as well as other competing platformers, is its bonus level system and how it contributes to the game. In each level, there are hidden bonus barrels that contain minigames, and if you beat them you will be rewarded one "kremcoin". Collecting every kremcoin is VITAL to completing the game in its entirety. Sure, you may THINK you beat the entire game once you destroy K. Rool in his castle, but it's not true. You must use your kremcoins to pay Klubba's toll at his Koisk. He allows you to jump in the golden barrel and blast away to the bonus level land. Upon beating all the bonus levels, you will get to finally battle K. Rool to the end once and for all! So yes, this game is PACKED with replay value, and will keep you incredibly busy for a long period of time.

And, of course, where would a DKC game be without some animal buddies? Many familiar faces reappear in DKC2, such as Rambo the Rhino and Enguarde the Swordfish. But there's also some new faces this time around, as well as new abilities! Squitter the Spider, for example, shoots webs at his foes and can create temporary platforms to help you reach those tough spots. Every animal buddy has their own special ability, which is something that was lacking in DKC1.

The soundtrack is amazing, as always. I don't know what it is about DKC games and having great soundtracks, but this game delivers some excellent music that goes hand in hand with the level itself. Ambient, chilled out beats are in every level, and they really match the environment of the levels. If there's ONE thing that really shines in this game, it's the soundtrack.

So, recap. Tons of replayability, simple platformer, monkeys, pirates, and awesome soundtrack. Could you ask for more? If you haven't experienced DKC2, you happen to be in luck...if you own a Wii, of course. You can purchase DKC2 on the Wii Shop Channel for 800 points, which is a freakin deal considering how much time you can dump into it. DKC2 also brings back co-op mode, which allows you and another player to control one monkey a piece. So tell Mom and Dad to put down Wii Fit, and to pick up the classic controller and help you save your best monkey buddy from the banana thieving kremlings!


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