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Old 11-30-2009, 08:36 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (PS2)

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

I've been waiting for a real Indiana Jones story to come along now for awhile and not just another play through of the movies lego style. Though I do love Lego Indiana Jones. I just wanted a new story and different characters. It dilivered on new story at least.

The game uses the same engine from Force Unleashed and it's really easy to tell that from the first fight. They enimies get a little bar over their head to represent their life just like Force Unleashed. The fighting is different obviously since there isn't a light saber in this game. There is basically three different attacks just go at em button smasher style, counter punch style, and whip grab knock out. Every style is basically for a different type of enimie. There is also some gun play in the game. Which is pretty confusing to get down but can eventually be figured out.

The story is new you kind of visit some old locations though but it's Indiana Jones. You're looking for artifacts and well most of them are in the same places. Though I must say the story isn't the best written it's longer then Force Unleashed which makes me sad that they couldn't have made Staff of Kings for next gen consoles.

Overall the game is pretty fun to play. They game lasts longer then I expected too which made me happy. The graphics are lack luster really they look like middle of ps2 lifes graphics they cut scenes aren't even made pretty just kept same as rest of game. I give this game a 7/10, it's worth one play through at least.



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